Roku SDK Documentation : Create a Non-Certified Channel

Table of Contents

Overview of Non-Certified Channels

Non-certified channels are another way to distribute channels on the Roku platform. They are not listed in the Channel Store and can only be installed using the channel access and/or vanity code(s). Non-certified channels are not subject to the channel certification process. See Non-Certified Channels.

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Prerequisites and Guidelines for Creating a Non-Certified Channel

To assure success in creating a Non-Certified Channel, you will need to:

  1. Create your design assets following Design and User Experience Guidelines.
  2. Go through the Channel Certification.
  3. Package your Roku Channel.
  4. Publish your Channel (this page).

Create a Non-Certified Channel

On the Developer Dashboard, select Manage My Channels and Add Channel on the following page.

Add Channel Window

From the radio buttons, select Developer SDK, and Non-certified, and then enter a Channel Name in the field.

Properties Window

In the properties window, all default values are pre-selected. Modify as needed.

Channel Store Info Window

Edit the channel's Description as needed, upload a Channel Store poster (540x405), select a Preferred Category, and click Save.

Monetization Window

In the Monetization window, select how you plan to monetize your channel and click Save.

Package Upload Window

Upload your signed package and click Save.

Preview and Publish Window

Review details in the Preview and Publish window, and select Submit for Publishing when done.