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The abstract base class of all SceneGraph nodes and the equivalent of the BrightScript roSGNode component. See roSGNode for supported interfaces.

Node class objects do not draw anything and are skipped in the render traversal of the SceneGraph node tree. The Node class provides the core parenting and key focus management functionality used by all nodes.


idstring""Adds a dictionary entry that allows the node to be retrieved with ifSGNodeDict findNode() function

When a node or one of its children gains or loses the keyboard focus, the focusedChild field will be set and call its observer functions. In the observer function, typically, you use ifSGNodeFocus functions to query whether this node or some other node has the key focus or is in the key focus chain.

Accessing the value of the field will result in script errors.

focusableBooleanfalseProvides a hint as to whether or not this node can take the key focus
changeassociative array{ Index1: 0, Index2: 0, Operation: none }

Operations affecting the set of children of a Node are recorded in this field if, and only if, this field has been observed. The field associative array indicates the operation and two indexes, index1 and index 2, involved in the change. The operation is denoted by these value strings:

noneNo operation on the children nodes since the change field was observed, indexes are irrelevant
insertA child node was inserted at index1
addA child node was added to the end of the children node tree (at index 1)
removeA child node was removed from position index1, and if index2>index1, all the children nodes between index1 and index2 inclusive were removed
setThe child node at position index1 was replaced with a new child node
clearAll the children nodes were removed
moveThe child node at position index1 was moved to the new position index2
setallAll the children nodes were replaced
modifyA pre-defined content meta-data field of a ContentNode node child at index1 was changed (only set for ContentNode node children when a pre-defined content meta-data field changes)