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Extends: Dialog 


The ProgressDialog node class is a special type of Dialog node that includes the dialog title region and a spinning icon as the body of the dialog. The ProgressDialog node class uses a BusySpinner node to display the spinning icon.

The message, bulleted text, graphic, and button regions of the dialog should all be empty. If those dialog regions are not empty, the layout of the dialog will likely not look correct.

Not all Roku Player hardware supports arbitrary rotations. In particular, some hardware only supports 90 degree rotation increments. In those cases, the icon will step through 90 degree, 180 degree, 270 degree and back to 0 degree rotations, rather than spin smoothly.


busySpinnerBusySpinnersystem defaultProvides access to the BusySpinner node used by the ProgressDialog node so that the spinner icon and rotation direction can be customized.