Roku SDK Documentation : Roku Advanced Layout Editor

The Roku Advanced Layout Editor (RALE) is a tool that lets developers or designers dynamically layout the UI elements of a channel for quick prototyping and design purposes. Changes made in the tool’s editor are reflected real-time in a demonstration channel on a local Roku device.

RALE also provides a hierarchical view of a channel's Roku Scene Graph (RSG) node tree, making it very easy for the developer to visualize the parent-child relationships between nodes.

To begin using RALE, visit our developer tools page.

Below is a list of some of the features available in RALE.

Predefined Channel Templates

By default, RALE offers some predefined channel templates to help the designer get started. These templates can be used as pre-built channels, or simply as a starting point for the designer to customize further.

Alt Text

Real-Time Layout Viewer

RALE adds the option to see your design in a GUI view and see your edits reflected instantly. This feature eliminates the need to re-deploy your application to review minor channel changes.

Alt Text

Node Tree Editor

RALE provides an editable, visual view of the RSG node hierarchy of the channel under development. This view lets the developer drill down into the parent-child relationships of the nodes that make up the channel. All node fields can edit in real time, and these changes are reflected immediately in the running channel.

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Accessing RALE

Install RALE to begin incorporating the tool into your design and development workflow.