Roku SDK Documentation : UX Design Guidelines

This document highlights Roku's approach to TV UIs, with progressive levels of requirements which are crucial to pass Roku's Channel Certification process as well as create a well-designed Roku Channel. While channels that do not implement all best practices may still be deployed on the Roku platform, the practices outlined here are known to improve the user experience, which directly affects the engagement and value of your channel on our platform.

By the end of these Design & User Experience Guidelines, you will be familiar with the following topics: 

  • What to keep in mind when designing for a TV UI.
  • What are the proven design principles and guidelines Roku uses when designing UIs that
    • Are, simple, powerful, useful, and familiar?
    • Encourage more TV viewing?
    • Have high customer satisfaction (NPS)?
  • What are the best practices for designing Roku Channels (aka apps)?
    • Roku has an SDK comprising of various UI components – how are they expected to be used?
    • What are the key features that streaming users expect in a good Roku Channel?
  • What does Roku require for Channel certification?
    • Some features and UI paradigms are required because the Roku brand represents a certain expectation of quality and usability for the customers.
      • E.g., Require Instant Replay buttons support and specific trick mode features


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