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Setup(digestType as String, key as Object) as Integer

Initialize new HMAC context.  The digestType parameter selects one of the supported digest algorithms, as documented in roEVPDigest.  The key parameter must be an roByteArray containing the key for the MAC.  Returns 0 on success, -1 on failure.

Reinit() as Integer

Re-initialize an existing HMAC context.  This can be called to reuse an existing roHMAC object to authenticate new data.  Returns 0 on success or non-zero on failure

Process(message as Object) as Object

  mac = hmac.Process(message)

is equivalent to

mac = hmac.Final()

Update(partialMesssage as Object) as Void

Add more data to be digested.  The parameter should be an roByteArray.  The data in the array is added to the current digest.

Final() as Object

Return an roByteArray containing the final MAC.