Implemented By

Supported Methods

In all ifRegistrySection methods, the key name is case-sensitive.  Two keys which differ only in case may exist at the same time.

Description of Methods

Read(key as String) as String

Reads and returns the value of the specified key

ReadMulti(keysArray as Object) as Object

Reads multiple values from the registry. Takes an array of strings, the key names to read. Returns an associative array with the keys and accompanying values read from the registry.

This function is available in firmware 8.0 and later.

Write(key as String, value as String) as Boolean

Replaces the value of the specified key.

Does not guarantee a commit to non-volatile storage until an explicit Flush() is done.

WriteMulti(roAA as Object) as Boolean

Writes multiple values to the registry. Takes an associative array with key/value pairs to write. Returns boolean indicating success or failure of the write operation.

This function is available in firmware 8.0 and later.

Delete(key as String) as Boolean

Deletes the specified key.

Exists(key as String) as Boolean

Returns true if the specified key exists.

Flush() as Boolean

Flushes the contents of the registry out to persistent storage. Developers should explicitly Flush after performing a write or series of writes. Flush is transactional and all writes between calls to Flush are atomic.

GetKeyList() as Object

Returns an roList containing one entry per registry key in this section.  Each entry is an roString containing the name of the key.