Available since firmware version 7.5

This component is only available on the following devices: Roku Streaming Stick (3600X), Roku Express (3700X) and Express+ (3710X), Roku Premiere (4620X) and Premiere+ (4630X), Roku Ultra (4640X), and any Roku TV running Roku OS version 7.5 and later.

Supported Interfaces


The roAudioGuide component provides Audio Guide support for applications that require custom speech beyond what is provided by automatic Audio Guide in SDK and Scene Graph components.

Though some of the roAudioGuide API is similar to roTextToSpeech, roAudioGuide provides support specific to Audio Guide, including:

  • Speaks when Audio Guide is enabled, and doesn't speak if it isn't.
  • Automatically splits up text to reduce lag.
  • Uses the correct voice, language, volume, and speech rate for Audio Guide.
  • Tries to be "smart" by pre-processing the text for correct pronunciation of things like currency, email addresses, acronyms, media-related names and titles, etc.

Usually, roAudioGuide would be used on its own, but it can be used in conjunction with roTextToSpeech.


The following field is mentioned here so that SDK2 developers can understand how to override the firmware's native handling of the audio guide.


Set to true to suppress the default CVAA text to speech. This allows channels to provide their own custom implementation.

Available since firmware v7.5