This component is deprecated.

Beginning July 1st, 2017, any new channels using this component will be rejected during certification.

Beginning January 1st, 2018, any updates to existing channels using this component will be rejected during certification.

roCaptionRenderer events are sent by the roCaptionRenderer to notify a BrightScript channel when caption data needs to be rendered.  Specifically, one of two events, isCaptionText and isUpdateCaptionRequest, will be fired depending on the mode that the caption renderer is in.  The mode is set by calling the ifCaptionRenderer.SetMode() function.


isCaptionUpdateRequest() as Boolean

This event notifies the BrightScript channel that a caption is ready to be rendered by the firmware.  In response, if the channel uses roScreen, the BrightScript code must call UpdateCaption() to tell the Roku firmware to draw the caption text.  If roImageCanvas is being used, this function does not need to be called.

isCaptionText() as Boolean

This event is fired when the roCaptionRenderer has mode 2 set whenever a caption is encountered in the stream or external caption file.  A BrightScript channel should respond to this event by rendering the caption string passed with the event using whatever font, placement, etc. the channel desires.

GetMessage() as String

This returns the caption string.