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The roChannelStore component allows the application to perform a purchase of an In-Channel Product or upgrade a channel. Most of the purchase flow, screens and messaging associated with the financial transaction are handled by the firmware outside of control or monitoring by BrightScript code. The BrightScript code merely initiates the purchase and receives a final result. This will engender trust with users and give them confidence that they are dealing with the Roku Channel Store.

The roChannelStore component allows purchasing only those In-Channel Products which are associated with the running channel. Please see the Add an In-Channel Digital Product section of Channel Packaging And Publishing for details on how to create an In-Channel Product and associate it with a channel. After one or Products are created, GetCatalog() can be used to retrieve a list of Products and their attributes. DoOrder() can be called to initiate a purchase of one or more of the Products.

The roChannelStore object has a FakeServer() method that will enable you to test the purchase flow scenarios without actually making a real transaction in the Roku channel store. This will beĀ useful in the development of your channel, but should never be used in the actual channel you publish.

This object is created without any arguments:

  • CreateObject("roChannelStore")

Important Note: Because ifChannelStore.DoOrder() needs to read the product type returned by GetCatalog(), only one instance of roChannelStore should ever be used for a complete purchase flow - you should never create a separate roChannelStore object to complete a purchase that was initiated by a different instance of roChannelStore.