The EVP Cipher component provides an interface to the OpenSSL EVP library of symmetric cipher commands. The EVP library provides a high-level interface to cryptographic functions to implement digital "envelopes".

Supported Interfaces


These commands allow data to be encrypted or decrypted using various block and stream ciphers using keys based on passwords or explicitly provided. 

Some of the ciphers do not have large keys and others have security implications if not used correctly. A beginner is advised to just use a strong block cipher in CBC mode such as bf or des3. All the block ciphers normally use PKCS#5 padding also known as standard block padding. If padding is disabled then the input data must be a multiple of the cipher block length.

For additional information on the OpenSSL library of symmetric ciphers see:


List of Supported Ciphers:
NameCipherKey size (bits)Block size (bits)
bf-cbcBlowfish in CBC mode12864
bfAlias for bf-cbc12864
bf-cfbBlowfish in CFB mode12864
bf-ecbBlowfish in ECB mode12864
bf-ofbBlowfish in OFB mode12864
des-cbcDES in CBC mode5664
desAlias for des-cbc5664
des-cfbDES in CBC mode5664
des-ecbDES in ECB mode5664
des-ofbDES in OFB mode5664
des-ede-cbcTwo key triple DES EDE in CBC mode8064
des-edeTwo key triple DES EDE in ECB mode8064
des-ede-cfbTwo key triple DES EDE in CFB mode8064
des-ede-ofbTwo key triple DES EDE in OFB mode8064
des-ede3-cbcThree key triple DES EDE in CBC mode11264
des-ede3Three key triple DES EDE in ECB mode11264
des3Alias for des-ede3-cbc11264
des-ede3-cfbThree key triple DES EDE in CFB mode11264
des-ede3-ofbThree key triple DES EDE in OFB mode11264
desxDESX algorithm.approx. 11964
desx-cbcDESX in CBC modeapprox. 11964
aes-[128|192|256]-cbc128/192/256 bit AES in CBC mode128,192,256128
aes-[128|192|256]Alias for aes-[128|192|256]-cbc128,192,256128
aes-[128|192|256]-cfb128/192/256 bit AES in 128 bit CFB mode128,192,256128
aes-[128|192|256]-cfb1128/192/256 bit AES in 1 bit CFB mode128,192,256128
aes-[128|192|256]-cfb8128/192/256 bit AES in 8 bit CFB mode128,192,256128
aes-[128|192|256]-ecb128/192/256 bit AES in ECB mode128,192,256128
aes-[128|192|256]-ofb128/192/256 bit AES in OFB mode128,192,256128