Available since firmware version 7.6

The roMicrophone component sends the roMicrophoneEvent with the following predicates that indicate its valid event types:

IsRecordingInfo() as Boolean

True when the microphone is open.

GetInfo() as Object

Returns an roAssociativeArray containing the following information:

formatstringthe audio data format (ex. pcm-s16-le)
num_channelsintegerthe number of channels (ex. 1 for mono)
sample_rateintegerthe audio sample rate (ex. 16000 for 16kHz)
sample_dataroByteArraysigned 16-bit integer containing audio data as PCM (little-endian format)
levelintegervalue displaying a calculated volume level between 0 (silence) and 100 (maximum)

IsRecordingDone() as Boolean

Indicates that the microphone recording session has been closed.