The Texture Manager provides a set of API's for managing an roBitmap cache.

Supported Interfaces

Supported Events


Example: Requesting an roBitmap from the roTextureManager
Sub Main()
	mgr = CreateObject("roTextureManager")
	msgport = CreateObject("roMessagePort")

    request = CreateObject("roTextureRequest","pkg:/assets/comet.jpg")

	msg=wait(0, msgport)
    if type(msg)="roTextureRequestEvent" then
        print "request id";msg.GetId()
        print "request state:";msg.GetState()
        print "request URI:";msg.GetURI()
        state = msg.GetState()
        if state = 3 then
            bitmap = msg.GetBitmap()
            if type(bitmap)<>"roBitmap" then
                print "Unable to create robitmap"
                stop   ' stop exits to the debugger
            end if
        end if
   end if
End Sub