The roVideoPlayer component implements a video player with more programmatic control, but less user control than the roVideoScreen component.

Supported Interfaces

Supported Events


The roVideoPlayer can be used in conjunction with the roImageCanvas to do graphical overlays, windowed video, zoom, and programmatic control of playlists and trick play. When using with the roImageCanvas, you can put the roVideoPlayer is at a lower z-order layer than other imageCanvas layers and implement overlays on top of the playing video.
Unlike the roVideoScreen component roVideoPlayer does not have automatic trick play modes and built in controls to support that trick play. Any trick play requires the developer to build his own controls using buttons on the roImageCanvas.
Note that all the video playback notes under roVideoScreen apply to the roVideoPlayer.
The customvideoplayer sample application is a good example of roVideoPlayer usage.
This object is created with no parameters:

  • CreateObject("roVideoPlayer")