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Extends: Node 


AnimationBase is an abstract node class that contains the fields common to the Animation, SequentialAnimation, and ParallelAnimation nodes. The purpose of the AnimationBase node class is to provide the basic functionality needed to animate screen elements, such as moving them across the display screen, fading them in and out of view, or changing their color. All node classes extended from AnimationBase require the use of the interpolator node classes FloatFieldInterpolator, Vector2DFieldInterpolator, and ColorFieldInterpolator as child nodes to achieve a specific animation effect.

AnimationBase is not meant to be instantiated directly by channel code.



controloption string"none"

Controls the animation. Supported options include:

noneInitial state with no associated action
startAlways plays the animation from the beginning
stopStops the animation in its current state
pausePauses the animation in its current state
resumeIf paused, resumes the animation from its current state. If the animation is not paused, plays the animation from the beginning.
finishJumps to the end of the animation, then stops. All animated fields will be immediately set to their final values as if the animation had completed.  


value string"stopped"

Indicates the state of the animation. Values include:

runningIndicates that the animation is in progress
pausedIndicates that the animation has been paused
stoppedIndicates that the animation has either run to completion or has been explicitly stopped
repeatBooleanfalseControls whether the animation stops when it finishes (false) or repeats from the beginning (true)
delaytime0Delays the start of the animation by the specified number of seconds