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Extends: Poster 


The BusySpinner node class is a simple widget that displays a continuously rotating bitmap. Since the BusySpinner node class uses an internal Poster node instance, the busy spinner bitmap can be specified by setting the internal Poster node uri field. is a sample channel that demonstrates usage of the BusySpinner.

Not all Roku Player hardware versions support arbitrary rotations. In particular, some hardware versions only support 90 degree rotation increments. In those cases, the icon will step through 90 degree, 180 degree, 270 degree and back to 0 degree rotations, rather than spin smoothly.


posterPoster nodeinternal instance defaultSet the uri field of the Poster node to select the bitmap for the busy spinner
controloption string"none"

Sets the operational state of the busy spinner.

noneNo operational state set. The busy spinner will run if not set to "stop".
startStarts the busy spinner if not running
stopStops the busy spinner if running
clockwiseBooleantrueSpecifies whether the bitmap rotates in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction
spinIntervaltime1The number of seconds to complete a 360-degree rotation of the spinner image. A value of 0 will cause the spinner to remain stationary and not spin.

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