SceneGraph Developer Extensions (SGDEX) is a collection of sample code that demonstrates how a developer can use pre-built, reusable Roku SceneGraph (RSG) components to enable rapid development while following a consistent UX paradigm. The Developer Extensions are essentially made up of two features, Views, and Content Manager. 

Access the sample channel here: SceneGraph Developer Extensions Sample Channel


SGDEX views are the full-screen components. Using an SGDEX view saves the effort of building a view from scratch by using lower level RSG components. Views are implemented as stacks, for enabling multiple views. 


SceneGraph Developer Extensions (SGDEX) supports out of the box stacking of the views. This means that the developer can add as many views to a stack as needed and SGDEX will handle the "back button closing" of the view. To learn more about a view stack, refer to Using ViewStack

Component Controller

SGDEX includes a component controller that helps manage the views in the channel. Using the component controller assists with managing the view stack. To learn more about it, refer to Component Controller

Theme Attributes

SceneGraph Developer Extensions also support customizing the themes of the elements displayed on a view. To learn more about the theme attributes, refer to Theme attributes for views.

Content Manager

The SceneGraph Developer Extension's (SGDEX) Content Manager simplifies task management for developers by using a Content Handler to manage Task nodes and streamline the multi-threaded nature of Roku SceneGraph nodes. To learn more about the content manager, refer to Using the Content Manager.

Other components in SceneGraph Developer Extensions

This document describes the SGDEX components available for developers to use in their channel. For instance, SceneGraph Developer Extensions offers components for tasks such as:

  • Use Roku Ad Framework (RAF) to monetize your content
  • Use Roku Billing to manage subscriptions and entitlement

For a complete list of components, refer to SceneGraph Developer Extensions Components


A channel can use the Developer Extensions sample to easily build SceneGraph views. Refer to the Building a channel using SceneGraph Developer Extensions guide to see how to use views, content manager, and other SGDEX components for channel development. The developer can refer to the SGDEX sample channel here


Follow these steps to prepare the channel to use SGDEX components:

Copy the extensions/SGDEX folder into your channel so that the path to the folder is pkg:/components/SGDEX.

This path is required for certain graphic elements to work properly.

Copy library/SGDEX.brs into the channel so that the path to the file is pkg:/source/SGDEX.brs