Roku SDK Documentation : SceneGraph Core Concepts

Roku has introduced a new programming framework for developing applications. This new framework incorporates two new key concepts:

  • SceneGraph rendering of the application screens
  • XML configuration of the SceneGraph screens

The goal of this new programming framework is to speed application development time by reducing the amount of procedural code that must be written to render a screen display. Instead, the appearance of the screen can be configured as screen component attributes set in XML files. Much of the appearance and behavior of screen components has been coded into the SceneGraph components that Roku provides, allowing you to quickly select and set the attributes of each component to match the design of your application, and allowing easier development of more complex screen displays than were possible in previous Roku firmware.

In addition, the SceneGraph XML programming framework includes a new capability to design your application user interface for specific screen display resolutions, but also with the flexibility to allow the user interface to render correctly on Roku players that do not support the intended display resolution.