Roku SDK Documentation : SceneGraph Performance Guide


As a Roku developer, building a unique and visually appealing channel is likely one the first things on your mind - and rightfully so. While this is certainly possible (and highly encouraged!) with SceneGraph, it's important to remember that functionality and performance should be priorities when designing a channel. Even if your channel is aesthetic and your content entertaining, users likely won't stick around long enough to watch it if there are delays in input response times, low framerate, or slow content delivery.

Since the release of the Roku 2 platform, Roku's product line has expanded such that there are significant hardware capability differences between models. To ensure that your content can reach the entire Roku audience watching on the whole range of devices we offer, you should use this guide to help provide a smooth, lag-free experience for users on even the lowest end devices.


r2d2_bitmaps.png (image/png)