This interface is deprecated.

Beginning July 1st, 2017, any new channels using this component will be rejected during certification.

Beginning January 1st, 2018, any updates to existing channels using this component will be rejected during certification.

Implemented By

Supported Methods

Description of Methods

SetTitle(title as String) as Void

Set the title for the screen to the specified string.

SetDisplayText(displayText as String) as Void

Sets the descriptive text displayed to the user for prompting regarding the required entry.

SetText(title as String) as String

Sets the default text displayed in the keyboard entry field. Text is selected by default, so that if the user begins to enter text, the default text is replaced. If the user presses the action button (e.g. Search), the default text is used as the entry.

GetText() as String

Returns the current value in the keyboard text entry field.

SetMaxLength(maxLen as Integer) as Void

Set the maximum length for text entry. The default is 20 characters.

AddButton(id as Integer, title as String) as Void

Adds a button to the screen identified by the title and ID provided. The buttons are at the bottom of the screen and appear in the order added. When the button is pressed, the script will receive an event from the application indicating the ID if the button pressed.

ClearButtons() as Void

Removes all buttons from the screen.

SetSecureText(isSecure as Boolean) as Void

If isSecure is true the user entered text is obscured with bullet characters. If false, it is treated as plain text. The default is false.

Show() as Boolean

Display or refresh the screen after creation or state changes.

Close() as Void

Close the screen and delete the associated object. Useful for avoiding screen flicker when the display order of your screens does not resemble a stack.